Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Airports & Other Nightmares

Air travel is becoming more and more unpleasent. Airlines treat you like you are some kind of irritation that's come along to spoil their day. Gone are the days when you were treated as valued customers.

Airport security staff always make a big show that they're doing such a great job when in actual fact they seem to me to be fairly incompetent. The important thing for them is to look like they're efficient, which is why, I can only guess, they stop little old ladies and elderly vicars and put them through the full search treatment. It doesn't impress me, and it certainly doesn't make me feel safer.

Ok, ok...I've had my moan and minor rant. On a positive note...it's always great when I'm in the middle of one of my airport nightmares to bump into fellow troubadours. This photo was taken last week at Stockholm Airport (a surprisingly pleasant place with very helpful staff) with Robin Nolan, Nomi Rosenburg, our Swedish promoter Svante, and the rest of the Djangofest gang.

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