Monday, November 9, 2009

Mentoring Sessions

I have a small group of guitar students that visit me once in a while for mentoring, advise, and help with various aspects of guitar playing and musical development.

They're all really excellent players, some of them have been playing guitar for a long time, and nearly all are already professional guitarists.

Most of the time I get them to look at music from a slightly different angle and free them up from any musical or technical difficulties that they are having.

I do this by freeing their minds from all the "stuff" that guitarists have to learn in order to play the instrument at a very high level and put it to one side.

I get them to play the guitar, rather than have the guitar play them, and develop a natural musical flow and close relationship with the instrument.

In a very short time I can get them to play all the ideas that come into their heads without that terrible block that comes halfway between the brain and the guitar.

I'm a kind of guitar analyst or "shrink" as most of the work we do together is to do with adjusting the mindset.

I always tell my students that "I make guitarists into musicians"

I have several really good young students. This photo is of Gary Mullins who braved the freezing cold November weather to fly up to Scotland from Aylesbury for a mentoring session at the studio. Gary has already embarked on a musical career and I'm sure his talent and dedication will lead him on to a very successful career in music.

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