Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ron Moore 1923 - 2009

The guitar world has lost one of our most loved and respected guitarists, Ron Moore

Ron was a fine jazz and classical guitarist. He was a superb teacher too.
Hugh Burns, David Russell, Jim Mullen, John Goldie, are just a few of the world class players that studied with Ron.

He will be sadly missed


  1. Hi Martin. Yes I was very saddened by Ron's passing away. He was such a nice person and taught me many of the foundations of guitar playing. I would love to have had more contact with him but I didn't see him for many years until recently he came to West Dean guitar festival and I was very pleased to enjoy his company again for a few days.
    As you say, he will sadly missed. I'll add - he will be warmly remembered by everone who spent time with him.
    David Russell
    Jan. 16 2010

  2. I will never forget the day I met Ron Moore.

    Ron had been my father's guitar teacher (Dad referred to him as "Smiler" - a nickname Ron picked up while working on the "One O'Clock Gang". Check the photo on this page - it is a magic smile.

    Ron opened the door, and I walked into the studio in West Regent Street (now the site of Elphinstone House).

    I was a 14 year old classically-trained piano player, who dabbled in the guitar. I hated my piano teacher, and probably music.

    Ron sat down, lit a cigarette, picked up the guitar, and improvised for 5 minutes. He then looked up, and said: "What kind of music do you like, son?"


    What an amazing man, and an incredible musician and teacher. Thank you.

    (I am 49 years of age, and I have a tear in my eye, as I write this).