Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Amazing Lisa

I'm always surprised when people come up to me after shows and ask me to sign old vinyl records that I made 30 years ago, sometimes they even have old concert programmes and posters for me to sign.

Lisa is an old friend of mine from Florida. A number of years ago she was in a terrible car crash that left her paralysed, and she's been in a wheelchair ever since. As Lisa poetically puts it "It's a damn long time to be sittin' on yer ass!"

Lisa is made of tough stuff, and now enjoys a wonderful life with her husband in a beautiful house by a lake in Florida.

She now has her own very successful international business designing wheelchair wheel rims. Many have been used by ParaOlympians.

So, knowing Lisa as I do, I wasn't at all surprised when she showed up at my concert in Washington DC last year with my mug enblazened on each wheel of her chair for me to sign.

The Amazing Lisa.

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