Friday, May 8, 2009

My Gypsy Cousins

I met my cousin Jim Pitts recently when I was in the south of England playing a gig for Big Jim Sullivan. Jim is a great blues singer.

We're going to be taking part in a memorial concert later this year at Hartlake Church in Kent as part of the Hartlake Tragedy Commerations.

In the 1850's a wagon carrying Romany Gypsy people, who were working there hop picking, went over Hartlake Bridge. The horse bolted and everyone was drowned.

Many of the people that were drowned in the tragedy were Taylor's. Jim and I are descendents of those Taylor's. I can remember my grandmother telling me this story and how many of my grandfather's family were killed in the tragedy.

What is very interesting is how many of us descendents are musicians. It will be good for us to remember our family by getting together and playing music.

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